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Stiletto Warm Stone Strand Bamboo Floor

Stiletto Warm Stone Strand Bamboo Floor

$7.25 per sq. ft.
19.68 sq. ft. per box

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One of Smith & Fong's more contemporary releases in bamboo flooring -- Plyboo Stiletto® is the strongest and most durable addition to our strand flooring line. Stiletto is manufactured to be three times harder than traditional red oak flooring, making it perfect for both residential and retail applications. With click-lock technology, Stiletto is very easy to install. It can be glued down or floated on our PlybooQuiet® or PlybooFit® underlayment pads. As a system, Stiletto and PlybooQuiet and PlybooFit have been proven to significantly reduce noise abatement and can relieve leg stress in retail or fitness environments.


Price per Square foot: 7.25
Size: 9/16" x 5" x 72"
Square feet per box:  19.68