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Installation Instructions:

Before You Begin:

Smith & Fong Company bamboo and palm flooring products are all quality inspected before packing and shipping. Nevertheless, a final jobsite inspection of your flooring should be performed for grade, color and finish. If you find an irregularity, please contact Smith & Fong immediately and refrain from any attempt to install the affected flooring. We will not accept responsibility for flooring installed with visible or known defects.

Getting Started:

Unless otherwise stated in this installation instruction or other communication from Smith & Fong, all installation procedures should follow the National Wood Flooring Association’s (NWFA) installation guidelines as appropriate to the specific installation and site. Smith & Fong has been a member of the National Wood Flooring Association since 1993 and strongly encourages installers to stay up to date on the latest installation procedures and available products. We also strongly recommend the ownership and use of a hand-held moisture meter.

Jobsite Requirements:

Prior to installation of any flooring, the installer must ensure that the jobsite and subfloor meet the requirements of these instructions and are compatible with industry standards. Smith & Fong is not responsible for any floor failure or defect resulting from unsatisfactory jobsite and/or subfloor conditions.

Room temperature and humidity of installation area should be consistent with normal, year-round living conditions for at least a week before installation. Room temperature of 50-75 degrees F and humidity range of 35-65% is recommended. Extreme temperature and humidity swings can cause problems for your floor.

Store your Smith & Fong flooring at the installation site for at least 72 hours before installation to allow the flooring to adjust to ambient conditions, including room temperature and humidity. Do not store directly on concrete or near outside walls. Open the boxes, remove any plastic wrapping and spread the flooring evenly to let it breathe. Note that this floor may not be acceptable for bathroom installations due to excessive moisture associated with such environments.

Acceptable Subfloor types:

- Plywood or OSB 3/4”
- Concrete slab
- Existing wood floor 3/4” or greater

Subfloor must be:

- Structurally sound
- Prep: Thoroughly swept and clean all debris and loose material from the subfloor surface
- Level: Flat to 3/16” per 10-feet radius
- Dry: Subfloor must be dry year-round. Moisture content of wood subfloor must not exceed 12%; concrete moisture content must not exceed 3lbs. as tested using the calcium chloride method.

Moisture Control:

If the moisture content in a concrete slab exceeds 3lbs., or dry conditions cannot be confirmed year around, a moisture vapor protection system must be utilized. Any failure to observe this requirement will be grounds for denial of coverage under the Smith & Fong Limited Warranty applicable to this product.

New concrete must be fully cured, at least 60 days. If not level, grind down high spots and fill low spots with leveling compound. Must be flat to 3/16” per 10 foot radius. Do not install on concrete unless you are sure it stays dry year-round. All concrete must be tested for moisture using a calcium chloride test kit including (e.g. ASTM F1869-98, or other suitable and comparable industry standard) and following the test kit manufacturer’s recommended procedures.

Follow all NWFA installation requirements as they relate to moisture and moisture abatement.

Wood subfloors must be dry and well secured. Nail or screw every 6” along joists to avoid squeaking. If not level, sand down high spots and fill low spots with an underlayment patch.

Further Notes:

Smith & Fong flooring should be the last product installed on any new construction or remodel project. In the event that your floor is not the last product installed at a job site, you must protect the floor during continued construction.

Never apply tape directly to the floor surface. This includes 3M Scotch-Blue Painter’s tape, #2080 and #2090. We recommend highly that when using protective paper that seams should be overlapped and taped to each other, not to the flooring surface itself. If the paper needs to be secured so that it does not move, tape the paper to the base trim work at the perimeter of the room.

Methods of Installation:

Nail Down Installation – Plyboo, PlybooSquared, and Durapalm (5/8”) flooring:

Test and adjust your gun and pressure before proceeding with your installation. Follow all NWFA installation procedures and guidelines for a nail down installation.

Nail Down Installation – PlybooStrand (9/16”) flooring:

Strand bamboo is a very dense and hard material. More pressure will be needed to drive a cleat or stable. Test and adjust your gun and pressure before proceeding with your installation. Follow all NWFA installation procedures and guidelines for a nail down installation.

Glue-Down Installation – Plyboo, PlybooStrand, PlybooSquared, and Durapalm Flooring:
(*recommended for PlybooStrand flooring)

Follow all NWFA installation procedures and guidelines for a glue-down flooring. Also read and follow all adhesive manufacturer’s recommendation for proper use of their product.

Bostik’s Best Urethane Adhesive, Bostik’s TKO, Mapei’s EcoBond 980 or 990, DriTac’s 7500 Premium EcoUrethane, and W.F. Taylor’s MS-Plus are good products. Read adhesive instructions carefully for proper trowel size and adhesive set time. Never use the “wet lay” or “loose lay” method of installing. (This is when you install the flooring immediately after spreading adhesive.) This method can trap moisture under the floor and can cause the floor to warp or cup after installation.

Finishing the job

For Unfinished Floors:

Seal, stain and finish as other hardwood flooring. Always remember to test a small area to confirm expected results.
(*Strand bamboo is harder that most other hardwoods as well as other bamboo products and this should be noted when sanding.)

Cleaning and Maintenance:

The maintenance program for Smith & Fong flooring is designed to be user friendly. The latest advances in urethane technology are used in our manufacturing process to help improve product performance and ease of maintenance. The following simple steps should at least be used to ensure the best performance and appearance. The use of other products like wax, water or oil soaps should be avoided and use of any such products is at your own risk.

After your floor has been installed, floor protectors should be placed under the legs of chairs and tables. Doors leading to the outside should have floor mats placed both inside and out.

Your floor should be cleaned weekly with the use of a suction vacuum (but avoid any abrasive rotary brush vacuum) to remove grit and debris from the surface of the flooring. Higher traffic floors may require more frequent cleaning to keep floor free of grit and abrasive debris that can damage your floor and finish.

We encourage cleaning products manufactured by Basic Coatings or other similar products made by quality providers. These hardwood floor cleaning products will remove minor scuffs and foot traffic film with an odorless VOC compliant product. The use of this product should not create future maintenance issues if and when re-coating the floor becomes necessary.


When refinishing is necessary, and the floor has been maintained properly, a floor with a site-applied finish or a factory finish can be recoated by a process of cleaning, light abrasion, and reapplication of an appropriate finish product. Always follow instructions included with the finish system you have selected. When top coating an existing finish, always do a test area to confirm suitability and performance for your particular application, and specifically to assure proper adhesion between the finish and topcoat layers. If a full removal of the finish is required, the floor can be sanded to wood and a new finish system can be applied.

I have read the above instructions and agree to install Smith & Fong’s solid bamboo or palm flooring by these installation requirements.

To download PDFs of these installation instructions, click:
Plyboo Flat and Edge Grain Flooring
PlybooStrand Flooring
PlybooSquared Flooring
Durapalm Flooring

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